I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother ★★★★★

“Tu es un poisson des grandes profondeurs: aveugle et lumineux.”

I watched this for the first time in January, and I think I appreciated it more and fully understood it upon rewatch.

Honestly, no one understands the complexity of the relationship that exists between mother and child better than l’enfant terrible, and he captures it so masterfully on film.

During one scene, Hubert talks about the paradox of having a mother you can’t love but at the same time can’t help but love, and I think that summarises what familial relationships are for many people.

But the scene that truly made this a five star film is almost at the very end, when Chantal rips a new one to the principal of the boarding school.

In it, Xavier makes sure that the audience understands he isn’t fully condemning the mother, but rather showing how difficult motherhood can be.

If it wasn’t, fathers would do it.

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