Mukundan Unni Associates™

Mukundan Unni Associates™ ★★★★½

Less violent and dark version of American Psycho and Nightcrawler

Gritty yet entertaining dark humor movie which is heavily inspired from the American Psycho and Nightcrawler. Even it was an inspiration the well-written screenplay and neat execution made it a fine fresh thriller in Malayalam industry.

Apart from the usual psychopath and mental problems such as depression, anxiety etc. There aren't films discussing about the topics such as Narcissistic and Sociopath personality from Malayalam this is a great start for a movie which shows the true nature as well as the dark side of the people who shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. Unlike the usual template thriller where mostly it's a rat and cat game or some random investigation thriller this movie have something fresh to offer. The story follows through the events happening around the protagonist, we are seeing his world by his point of view and narration which helped the audience to connect and think like protagonist.

Vineeth Sreenivasan nailed the role of the arrogant narcissist advocate Mukundan Unni this in my opinion his best role he done in his career and will be remembered as one the finest well written anti-hero characters ever. The rest of the cast did well and Aarsha Chandini character is what a dream of many boys in Kerala, the best understanding partner in crime and her last line was one of the best moments on screen. The aspect ratio was smaller (idk if that was a technical error in my theatre) but it didn't effect the viewing experience at all. As for a debut director this is great start hope we can see more great films from him.

I see many people have complaints over this one cause of themes and violence shown in the movie but that's mainly cause these type of movies weren't made back in Malayalam. I find this as one of best and relevant movie of 2022 it gave me on of the best experience in 2022.

PS : If you need a fresh experience into the movie don't watch American Psycho or Nightcrawler watch these later after the movie

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