Spencer ★★★★★

As someone who has recently read Diana’s book, watched multiple documentaries, and watched season 4 of The Crown, I can honestly say Kristen Steward is exceptional at portraying Diana Spencer. She deserves all the awards! Her mannerisms and the way she holds herself looks just like her, I was so impressed. Her British accent was quite good, too!

The cinematography and score is absolutely gorgeous, and I loved all the close-up shots. You’re fully able to understand Diana’s predicament during this timeline in the film. The bulimic scenes stirred up my old ED, which made me feel for Diana even more. I so wish she had a more peaceful life…

The costume design was incredible. They looked like the actual outfits Diana wore back in the day. Overall, I loved this movie, a whirlwind of emotion and feelings. Kristen Steward did such an amazing job! Definitely worth seeing in theatres!

PS - Wormtail, I see you. 🧐

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