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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Suspiria
  • Kissed
  • Inside Llewyn Davis

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  • Onibaba



    The mask on the poster and in the film is a Hannya mask, used in certain Japanese theatre. While the name comes from the word for “wise” it’s not referring to the mask itself, but supposedly to the artist who made it. Focusing on the wisdom needed to perfect the design.

    The mask is used to portray women who have become demons due to jealousy, but there’s so much more depth than just some troll with horns. Look at it…

  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    The Passion of Joan of Arc


    Fuck me, this movie is amazing. I mean, where do you even begin with this?

    Despite being overwhelmingly shot in close-up, the cinematography offers a crazy level of variety throughout. Each shot is framed and lit perfectly to inform character and drama. Just fantastic.

    But it doesn't start or end at the visuals. This is a screenplay devoted to dry and sterile historical legal documents. The artistry comes from the director's, actors' and cinematographer's interpretation of the emotions coming from…

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  • Gunda



    I think that Gunda would be next to nothing without the amazing photography. It's just so fucking beautiful to look at. But that visual slam dunk is exactly what invites the viewer in, and opens us up for the emotion it's really about.

    This was a surprisingly tender and tight portrayal of an animal's relationship to her kiddos. The horrors to come we already know about, so Gunda doesn't bother with it.

    It's about an emotional context, not the slaughter itself.

  • Relic



    I don't know why you would need a horrifying metaphore when what it's really about is scary enough. This had some genuinely creepy and claustrophobic parts, and the atmosphere is mmmm so good.

    It's just that a story about the people you love withering away in front of your eyes doesn't exactly need an extra monster on top.

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  • Mary Shelley

    Mary Shelley


    Mary Shelley was a complex woman. She was interesting and had strong opinions and believed in her values. This is not Mary Shelley, and frankly, I'm sick and tired of these fairytale versions of actual people and events.

    Do these people think that we, the audience, can't connect with, and empathize with a person with complicated, real emotions? Do they think we can't understand the sometimes differing moral values of a person from a different time?

    Mary Shelley and her…

  • Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark


    Breaking the Waves is great, and I think Dogville is great, but Dancer In the Dark is the greatest of them all. 

    Full, realistic performances, caught only by a living camera capturing as if everything just happens? Yea, it's better than ever. 

    Highly choreographed dance numbers with actual creative music that doesn't only include predictive chord progressions like most musicals? Check. 

    Wow this movie has everything! I don't even remember the last time something made me feel anything. How someone…