Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★

Boy does it feel good to be back in the cinemas! This is the first movie I have watched in the cinemas in a longggg time and it was so amazing to be back! Now onto the movie. 

Godzilla v Kong had the potential to be a great film and despite me enjoying it as a whole, there definitely are issues that can’t be ignored. The pacing is quite fast, there isn’t enough plot building, the acting isn’t always brilliant, casting bizarre in some parts, and overall very rushed with humourous parts that just aren’t funny! I see what they were trying to do by injecting some humour however it wasn’t funny and just felt a little awkward.

The fight scenes between Kong and Godzilla was actually great but when they fought Mecha Zilla it was all over way too quick and I just wish they did more with this movie. Overall it wasn’t a bad film but they could have done more with it.