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  • Girlfriends



    I left a party so I could watch this movie about a woman who’s torn between wanting to be loved and wanting to be left alone. Captures that feeling perfectly. The whole movie is so funny and Jewish; I’m fine with everyone trying to rip it off. “I like me when I don’t like you” is something I’d say in a SLAA meeting.

    Also I want young Christopher Guest to gift me a duckling.

  • Network


    America loved this movie so much, a movie in which a network executive gives Howard Beale this big important speech about how there’s no democracy—there’s just IBM and AT&T and Dupont and Exxon; there’s no nations, just corporations. A commercial success! Nine Oscar nominations! Then four years later the country elected Reagan. Absolutely bananas how nothing means anything.

    Also: Faye Dunaway refers to a 58-year-old William Holden as middle-aged, which means in 1976 people lived to be 116. What changed?