The Master ★★★★

I'll write this review while listening to the soundtrack, because this is one hell of an immersive score.

So, we are all familiar with Paul Thomas Anderson and his films, his incredible casting and direction. I think he's always been a very intuitive and resourceful director with a distinctive narrative. Certainly one of my present favorites.

This is one of those films that overwhelms, it's very hard for me to recollect a specific aspect of it to recommend or critique, because everything is so well leveled. Its slow pace makes up for very intriguing moments and the performances are just...let's just say I forgot who the actors were during the course. I don't think I can say that I fully understood the film, but that's the beauty of it. It left me with an aura of interpretations and thoughts that I just can't shake off.

Maybe these are just first impressions and I'm being a little hasty to praise the film. Decide for yourself and watch it.