Silenced ★★½

Will give this movie a W for actually helping make change for the laws regarding sexual assault of minors. But goddamn this shit plays like a silly soap opera often are time where it felt like exploitation of real life event where every scene is directed in such a cheesy manner. Horrible acting, a horrible script that is only interesting sometimes because it's based on the true events and one wants to see how the thing unfolds. The characters are annoying, the protagonist doesn't even feel like a real person. The abusers were characterized as such cartoony evil individuals. The whole narrative point of the film felt like guilt trapping the audience by showcasing detailed and graphic sexual scenes, violence and societal flaws in the system. Also the revenge scene in the end felt that the movie was trying to be like one of those gritty thrillers where both the protagonist and the antagonist gets destroyed but here it only felt so out of place and awekard as a viewer. Still i like how easy to watch it was because of that pacing but it was never felt much interesting. I like a few of the shots present here from time to time. My favourite scene was when the judge announced the verdict. Overall nothing much intresting in cinematic sense but just letterboxd/movie audiences swooning over another melodramatic cheesy as fuck movie.

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