The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Certainly the most grim and violent take on Hamlet, or at least the sagas that inspired Hamlet. Eggers really gets mileage out of going full evil pagan interpretation of the Vikings with all the surreal horror sequences. Other than how damn good this movie looked what really elevated it for me was the changes to how I’d expect certain characters to be portrayed. Amleth is almost inhuman in his lust for vengeance, his mother is a much more sinister character, and his uncle much more sympathetic. It manages to keep it all fresh. The attention to detail is also great on the costuming, props, and locations, but it does go fantastical in a way which matches when needed. The final duel in the volcano for example works way better than it should. I bet this’ll spawn more than a few Viking metal albums for the next couple of years.

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