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  • Black Sunday

    Black Sunday


    I can always rely on Frankenheimer to make an epic action film with notes of politics and real-world intrigue, and he delivers the goods here: Bruce Dern plays a dead-inside Vietnam vet burning for revenge against the country which left him to NVA captivity and torture. He makes the acquaintance of PLO fanatics led by Marthe Keller, looking to bomb the Big Game to get their violence across to the sleepy American public. All that stands in their way are…

  • Point of No Return

    Point of No Return


    This is a misfire with a great cast, but perhaps the biggest error was getting a formal traditionalist like John Badham to direct this adaptation of an edgy Besson movie. Also, Bridget Fonda may be a fun performer but she is totally noncredible as a jacked-up murder machine. Her character is a killer junkie who is executed but really not, then conscripted in a secret CIA assassin program. I can see the gimcrack version of this thing they wanted to…

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    We're gonna be talking about this movie for years to come: Benny and Josh Safdie have outdone their previous effort, "Good Time," with this amped-up take on Jimmy Toback's "The Gambler." Sandler is a total degenerate, wagering anything he can get his hands on laying the seeds for his downfall with each risky parlay bet made on the flimsiest of hunches. The Safdies get tremendous supporting turns from Kevin Garnett, Lakeith Stanfield, Eric Bogosian, and Julia Fox among others, mixing…

  • Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

    Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood


    The Golden Age of Hollywood was lined with shame and secrets, and people have been spilling the tea continually since then. (Kenneth Anger's seminal "Hollywood Babylon" is nearing its sixtieth anniversary, in fact.) It's common knowledge that many directors and actors lived double lived in the spotlight, to better adhere to post-Hays Code morality clauses laid down by the studio mandarins. But for as many Rock Hudsons as we knew about, there are still more people who went to their…