Blue Is the Warmest Color

Blue Is the Warmest Color ★★★★★

As the first two hours passed by, I was in complete bliss with Blue is the Warmest Color, and I grew frightful that things were too good to be true. I am not only referring to the relationship between Adèle and Emma, but the film itself. Thankfully after finishing, I can say that, without a doubt, this film is perfect.

I love how beautiful this film is.
I love how well it portrays a relationship and the natural phases it passes.
I love the camera work of the film that focuses on close-ups.
I love the colours; the blues in Emma's eyes and hair and Adèle's dress in the closing scene; the contrasting reds in Emma's new paintings; the glimmer of sun through the trees.
I love how Adèle loves to read, how she admits it when she doesn't understand philosophy and shows such raw emotions on her face.
I love how the characters always eat spaghetti.
I love how time passes so smoothly; the audience can accept it without drawn-out explanations.
I love how the film explores the cultural and societal influence on homosexual love.
I love how well the film shows loneliness.
I love how the film is for not made for one audience, but for everyone who can appreciate love and relate to moments of finding oneself and making mistakes.
I love that last image of the film, a satisfying ending.

Above all, I love how this film spoke to me.

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