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  • Good Will Hunting
  • The Darjeeling Limited
  • The Fabelmans
  • Zodiac

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  • The Iron Claw


  • Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken


  • The Marvels


  • Maestro


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  • Killers of the Flower Moon

    Killers of the Flower Moon


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It’s been over 12 hours since I watched this film and i’m still struggling to find the right words to describe this film. 

    It’s heartbreaking, raw, emotional and breathtaking and yet those words still don’t feel like enough. Imagine the wind gets knocked out of you and you’re struggling to breathe and your stomach is in so much pain that’s the best way I could describe this film honestly. 

    Leonardo DiCaprio pulls off a performance of a lifetime. I’m not…

  • Scrapper



    “I’m gonna mess up a lot.”
    “So will I.”

    What a fantastic heart wrenchingly beautiful film this is.

    Lola Campbell is absolutely dazzling as Georgie. She makes you really fall in love with Georgie and root for her as soon as you meet her. Lola’s comedic timing is perfect while she’s also able to depict the emotion of grief Georgie goes through in such a gut wrenching way. Harris Dickinson is just as wonderful as he always is. The father-daughter…

Popular reviews

  • Barbie



    My one wish in life would be to spend an hour inside Greta Gerwigs brain. Her brain just seems magical to me.

  • Oppenheimer



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The use of sound to enhance and elevate the film was like nothing i’ve ever experienced before. The score was beyond excellent. The colours of certain scenes like the explosion and the stars were just so pretty it’s beyond words. I loved this more than I can even comprehend.

    The sequence of when Oppenheimer is getting a standing ovation from his peers/the military etc and he is in his head and thinking about the consequences of his actions is just so magnificent. From the blur in the background to the sound of the woman’s skin peeling it was just mind blowing.