Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★½

Ultimate Cut

gods & masters, a flawed ideology eroded by a recognition of self in the Other--a surrogate mother saved at last (tears flood in). the axes of knowledge & power, corruption & good break down, an impossible justice rendered unto chaos, spangled across waves of digital smoke and electric heat. 

not since Coppola's Youth Without Youth have i felt that a film demands to be rewatched such as this, but like that film as well, BvS aches with an endless sadness running through its veins--split light shed upon the faces of its figures, the desire to realize a collapsing vision upon a world that cannot sustain it. 

the potency of its politicking comes from the interplay between Batman & Lex & Superman--as a concept--but the potency of its cumulative affect comes from the interplay between people stripped of their mythologies; the film's body remains unsettled in the ruins of Bruce's misplaced ideals, but its heart forever belongs to Clark. 

of course i loved it

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