All Light, Everywhere

All Light, Everywhere ★★★★

One of the most genuinely intriguing films I’ve seen in a long time. It articulates a clear, concrete argument while painting it in such a large picture. The historical sequences are essential in not just contextualizing but defining what it is that’s being talked about. The point about the body cam specifically is made well, but the larger story of technological advancement and manipulation is just as strong. I was shocked by the sequence about the built-in “human” faults of the body cam, and how something could be so clearly done with bias yet framed as objective.

I admire how much this asks its audience to think about the act of seeing something. There’s a meditative quality to the film that sometimes made me sleepy, which made that reflection a bit harder to do, but I certainly thought more deeply than I do during most movies. It’s hard for a documentary to throw so much at you without feeling overwhelming, but this felt somewhat interactive. The little sighs and mumbles in the theater lead me to think most of us were actually engaging with the work. I’m excited by anything that has that effect.

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