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Favorite films

  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Amadeus
  • The Third Man
  • The Night Porter

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  • Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

  • Filming Othello


  • Rear Window


  • Lola


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  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch


    I was once a girl of eleven who was far too blonde and too obsessive about the things she liked. I liked drag and Kate Bush and books and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I would go into school with my Buffy dedicated journal and I'd talk to anyone who'd listen about what I liked. I found Hedwig at that time, and I felt like I wasn't annoying anymore. My mother walked in on me watching the film one day…

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show


    this film is like glitter, it creates chaos by exploding with flamboyance and sticks to everyone so even if they hate it they're stuck thinking about it for the rest of their lives. youre never free of glitter. youre never free of rocky horror. it's that manic and camp horniness that makes it so intoxicating because nothing is like it. it's lace and leather and cheap perfume and hairspray and garters and crawling on the planet's face, some insects called the human race- lost in time, lost in space and meaning.

Recent reviews

  • Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

    Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

    How strange that people have always been people.

  • Filming Othello

    Filming Othello


    I love Orson Welles. I've read a biography and a half and I've watched a fair amount of his filmography. I have all of Harry Lime's lines memorised and some of Charles Foster Kane's. My uni library has a poster of "Horse Eats Hat" - a play he put on at the Mercury when he was in his early twenties, just before Voodoo Macbeth, and I'm considering attempting to buy it off the university. I know about his relationship with…

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  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    Just a lovely picture of the confinement of being trapped debilitated in one's apartment, hearing the movement of the never sleeping city, foghorns and sirens, the never quite dark sky, the observation and voyeurism that comes with being motionless - never being alone, looking through the binoculars which are also portable keyholes, peepholes into another world, do we exist if we are in our own space, if we aren't being watched, can we be held accountable for what we do in the comfort of our own homes - will it all repeat again when he is confined for longer?

  • White Palace

    White Palace


    great things about this:

    - james spader having an emotional moment in a car wash

    - "there's no dust in her dustbuster!!!"!!!!

    - "be nice to her, mother, or i'm going to beat the shit out of you"

    - i want james spader to come over and 'fix my mailbox' please. he was so beautiful in this film. James spader, you look so beautiful i can hardly keep my eyes on the meter.

    - susan sarandon making james spader beg…