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  • Dead Poets Society
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  • Orion and the Dark


  • Bob Marley: One Love


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  • Orion and the Dark

    Orion and the Dark


    “But I am allergic to dying! We’re way too high!”
    “You’re allergic to living.”

    So tempted to give it an extra star for the Tame Impala song, very cool. 
    Wow it was a lot darker than I anticipated it to be but good for Charlie Kaufman for not making a children’s film that is just full of toilet humour. The depth of a child’s anxiety is a very striking concept as we have all been very afraid as children and…

  • Bob Marley: One Love

    Bob Marley: One Love


    “You swim in pollution and you get polluted.”

    The Jamaican accent might be the best accent in the world. 
    I really enjoyed this film and I like Bob Marley’s music, I even have one of his vinyls but my experience was slightly ruined by the four girls sat next to me who talked at a normal volume the entire way through and kept taking pictures of the film with their flash on. 
    Kingsley Ben-Adir (who I keep accidentally calling Ben…

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  • How to Have Sex

    How to Have Sex


    “Day two in the Big Brother house and Em is being sick.”

    97% of women ages 18-24 have experienced sexual harassment. 

    I am still processing my feelings of this deeply emotional and realistic depiction of womanhood, sexual-coming-of-age and consent. All of which too commonly intersect negatively. 
    At my screening there were about ten people, eight of which were men, two left after they probably realised that the title was misleading. Another continued to laugh when the lead character was assaulted…

  • Wicked Little Letters

    Wicked Little Letters


    “Foxy-ass fuck!”

    I genuinely enjoyed this film way more than I thought I would have done. I was so pleased with all the aspects from the plot, direction, camera work, pacing and especially the acting. Olivia Colman (Edith) is such a talent and a marvel, she owns this role and is at equals with her opponent Jessie Buckley (Rose) who is also fantastic; even when she awkwardly talks out of the side of her mouth. 
    The pacing and duration of…