Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★½

Maybe I’m just stupid? This film explain exposition in such a complex way despite the exposition they’re handling being simple as hell. It’s like Shane’s trying to make the film feel more complex than it is and it just makes me feel like dumb. Or maybe I am actually just a fucking moron. 

Either way, this film is a jam. Front to end, this film is incredibly stylish in a way that fits its darkened, noir tone. Its plot, despite my gripe with it, is still done in a fun way. Right from the start do these characters feel fleshed out and alive, and they carry this story on their backs. It doesn’t focus on the case, rather it focuses on what the case does for each character. 

The narration rubbed me off as kind of a gimmick though. It was great at first, but it disappears and sometimes the mixing makes it sound as though he’s talking in the scene, and not narrating. 2nd half suffers from a lack of narrating, despite how interesting these characters are. 

Downey, Kilmer, Michelle, they all got amazing chemistry with each other. Val Kilmer as a gay private eye is amazing to behold. Downey’s character, like Iron Man, is snarky and a loud-mouth. He’s hilarious in this, and he gives a great performance. Michelle did great, I don’t really have too much to say for her, but she did great.

Great movie, might watch Nice Guys next.