Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

“We will not lose another war”
Average at best, but the cinematography is breathtaking, the colors, the cgi, everything is amazing in that department, but the rest was just meh, characters, story, besides that thing with Samuel l Jackson about his character not knowing another thing besides war and because of the he start to search for some type of enemy to create a war, but besides that the story is almost nothing.
Not that the movie is over, I don’t remember nothing about the movie, like I remember who beautiful it is, who I love the scene were Jackson is looking at long for the first time with that strong and hardcore hate,and kong is destroying the helicopter’s and in one shot you see only of eye,simply beautiful, but besides looking amazing and some cool moments,there’s nothing to this movie.
“Sometimes an enemy will only appear if you search for him”