Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★½

"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," also referred to as "The Second Indiana Jones Movie," "Indiana Jones 2," or "The Gross One," and all of these titles are correct.

This is honestly a really good film, but not as good of an Indiana Jones film. Let me explain, Indiana Jones is made up of three things in my mind: family-fun entertainment of high quality, great action, and some big ass treasure.
Now, this film definitely delivers in the action department, as the fights and destruction are just mwah. The set pieces in this film are the best out of the whole franchise in my opinion, so they really make the action pop, with the mine cart chase which is way more intense through the caverns, the giant flame temple which brings out the scorching fire, the giant bucket of water looks dope within the caverns and spewing out into the ravine. I don't really like how the film just busted out into the action without a word. While, yes, the first film has a huge action scene right at the beginning, we had some time to soak in the plot, characters, and world right after. This film goes from action straight into the adventure, not action to context to adventure. This is not a huge nitpick though, and Indy pretty much just kidnaps the main girl (the one who screamed at an owl).
Where this film doesn't shine the brightest is in the family-friendly and treasure aspects. Starting with the former, this film is not very family-friendly for the sole reason that it is fricking GRODY. I mean, I like it, but it'll make anyone cringe sometimes. Alongside the grossness is also violence. The first film had violent aspects sure, but it did not have hearts being ripped out or people being burning alive. The family-friendly part that I’m talking about doesn’t really bother me per se, it is just that Indiana Jones, as a franchise, should be suitable to people of all ages. If it isn’t, then it feels less like an Indiana Jones film to me. Think of it like this, imagine a franchise like Saw having scenes where there are just kids goofing off and they don’t really add too much to the story in the end. That doesn’t really feel like Saw  right?? Hope that makes sense
On to the treasure, it is very little in this film. This thought has been expressed a lot, so I will sum it up. The first film had an ark that housed the 10 commandments, a huge factor in one of the biggest religions in the world. This film has tiny rocks. Which would you prefer to watch: a man stealing a very popular religious artifact or rocks? A big treasure just makes the films more exciting and grand in my opinion.

Overall, this is a fairly good installment in the franchise, it just is not as perfect as the first or third movie. This is still an Indiana Jones film, meaning it is very fun and exciting, but the cringy gross and overly violent moments makes the film hard to watch sometimes. I believe that there is more good than bad in this film, so it is worth the watch.

Oh and what happened to the girl in the first film?? I thought that was Indy's girl for sure or whatever lmao
I also love how, in one scene, the film references Star Wars and the first Indy film

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