• Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks

    Time to go
    the Twin Peaks rabbit hole and ɘƨol γm bnim 

    (can confirm after season 2 episode 7 ‘Lonely Souls’ I’ll never be the same)

  • Soul



    I really needed this. The last couple of months I have never been so mentally and physically unwell. It’s hard because my mental health really causes my physical health to diminish and it’s an ongoing loop, becoming more severe. Which causes me to feel like a lost soul that’s been represented in Soul. There’s days where I feel like I have my spark and am ready to take on the world but within a click of a finger I want…

  • Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

    Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

    I think we need to make Santa Snoopy the official Santa. Enough with the old man let’s have Snoopy Claus take over!!

  • The Christmas Classic

    The Christmas Classic


    They’re calling him Randy but he’s actually Candy Andy

  • A Biltmore Christmas

    A Biltmore Christmas


    Why can’t life be like this? Oopsy now I’m on the set of La La Land

  • Wish



    Me watching Star: a star is born literally and metaphorically (I’m obsessed)

  • The Velveteen Rabbit

    The Velveteen Rabbit


    Lotso would fit right in with them losers

  • Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up

    Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up


    Needed a Bottoms (2023) level of violence ending between the neighbours let’s be real or the new neighbours can have some figgy pudding with a sprinkle of rat poisoning

  • Haul Out the Holly

    Haul Out the Holly


    Why do I feel like I’d fit right in at Evergreen Lane? Maybe a Christmas cult community is the way 🤔

  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

    Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget


    And yet there was not one dino nugget joke?

  • Chicken Run

    Chicken Run


    We all need to ask ourselves how can we be more like Babs

  • The Boy and the Heron

    The Boy and the Heron


    If a genie gave me 3 wishes I’d use one to make Hayao Miyazaki immortal