Kinetta ★★½

By far the weakest entry in Yorgos’ catalogue, but goddamn it’s still so intriguing

Like one of Yorgos’ other Greek language film, Alps, Kinetta creeps up on you. Unlike Alps, Kinetta carries on creeping, for the entire film and ends still not quite reaching you. 

Certain scenes hook you in, only for your interest to wander the next, creating quite a strange viewing experience. 

It’s not that I demand a clear and concise story in every film I watch. I very much enjoyed Alps which shares a certain fly on the wall feeling as you’re abruptly dropped into a world with little to no guidance. With Kinetta, I feel like this is a problem and I start to wonder as if Yorgos doesn’t actually have a story to tell. 

The acting is superb and one of the highlights of the film. Aria Servetalis is much better in Kinetta than in Alps, and acts in my eyes as almost a protagonist in this story. Evanglia Randou and Costas Xikominos also give excellent performances exhibiting the Yorgos acting quirks he is fast becoming known for

I had such high expectations. Perhaps this was my problem. It’s definitely worth a rewatch.

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