The Last Blockbuster

The Last Blockbuster ★★½

As nostalgic as this film makes me for the 12 year old kid that I was, scanning the aisles of my hometown Blockbuster for the next movie my dad might just let me rent and watch, the film makes me more nostalgic for the community aspect of film in general. Though as standard as they come as far as talking heads docs go with C-list celebrities providing some form of anecdotal commentary, the (very central and on the nose) idea The Last Blockbuster leaves us with is that movies bring people together. That's what a video store did for my generation and for the generation before me; that's what this last Blockbuster still does for Bend, Oregon. For over a year now we've lost the ability to even commune with fellow movie lovers in theatres because of the pandemic, but the personal aspect of movies and the kind of fellowship they can provide has long been eroding because of Netflix, because of streaming, because of Redbox etc etc world without end amen. Here's to the video and video store's second life, a niche thing just like vinyls and record stores have become in the twenty-first century.

We can only hope right 📼

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