Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★★

"Because you let me."

I've held onto this one for some time now because I was not exactly sure how best to go about writing the ways in which this film has nestled itself so very deep down inside me and then proceeded to rip out my tongue, rendering me unable to voice the ways in which it has changed me for the worse.

So, here goes: As a parent, this one got me. Got me in all the ways a Comedy of Horrors should get me. But even more so because our protagonist's daughter carries around a security blanket bunny she keeps losing that acts as a minor deus ex machina for how this story moves forward. Well, my three year old girl has a bunny that eerily looks just like said bunny here that she cannot manage to hold onto and that we've had to go on expeditions to save in various public places. Where this story ends up going and where it ends on, a close up shot of said bunny no less, is something that I will never be able to shake.

Christian and Mads Tafdrup deftly unearth the greatest casualties of a modern era that asks us to always be polite, always play nice, try not to be a bother and then pulls the rug hard and fast out from under us like the fools we always were; von Trier and Haneke should be so proud. The film threads that needle of its balancing act the entire time, building an absurdly comical and carefully deliberate tension that holds you down right on your neck until it finally goes for that blunt force trauma we should've seen coming all along.

When I tell you I couldn't handle this one... I couldn't handle this one. And it won't be leaving my mind anytime soon.

"What's the worst that could happen?"

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