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"Time to cut out the cancer."

How to make James Wan's new horror film, Malignant, at home:

1. Mix a good deal of Giallo red tones
2. Add a heavy helping of Cronenberg body horror
3. Throw in a little classic haunted house camera work and lighting
4. Finally, add a pinch of supernatural horror on the top and then serve

Not even sure what the hell this is exactly (as it's so much of everything), but watch even five minutes of this and you can clearly see Wan threw all balls to the wall here. For that alone, I give him all the props. This is so bonkers and funny and ridiculous and deliberate and over the top and gory as hell; there's really no comparison like it to his previous horror works and that's what make it such an exciting experience.

Here's to more engaging, messy works from interesting filmmakers who know exactly what the hell they're doing even if it's not entirely successful.

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