M3GAN ★★★½

In my mind, this was always the prime definition of a Midnight Movie, which is exactly why I waited to watch it in the middle of the night when everyone else in the house was asleep. This also seemed to be the kind of film that is best experienced at home with the lights off and with a few drinks coursing through your bloodstream as your stretch out on the couch. And so, was it worth it the wait for me to experience in the exact way I wanted...

Hell yes!! What a hoot and a holler and a half our new best friend M3GAN is! Not only does she lean heavily and boldly into the camp of her premise (that Titanium lullaby though; it is as perfect a moment as we'll have in horror in 2023), but the way she paces and builds her story and her tension around the characters surrounding her allows us to accept her absurdly silly and wonderful gory climax that burns her whole film to the ground. This is proof that Blumhouse can get it right when they assemble their talent around a promising premise and we need more of that from them.

M3GAN was already a meme and gif queen before this was even released, but now she's our new Scream Queen (not the traditional meaning, mind you). She's a new horror icon for a new horror generation and she will live on forever in our newly softened horror hearts long after the buzz surrounding this film (and its likely sequel[s]) has faded into darkness of that great horror lexicon we only tend to dig out around All Hallow's Eve.

***Give me that A.I. Artificial Intelligence, M3GAN double feature asap please!

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