A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★½

"This is it, Jennifer: your big break in TV." [...] "Welcome to prime time, bitch!"

What can you say about the third film in this kind of series that starts off with a text card of an Edgar Allen Poe quote and features it maniacal antagonist as a giant puppeteer using his first victim's veins/tendons as marionette strings before leading him right off a church building to his death?

Well, you can say it recaptures some of what made the first one bonkers fun because Craven rejoins the series to craft the story and help write the script (but curiously not direct). This helps re-establish some of the grim and grimy pleasures of the series even when the movie is flying off the rails towards its weirdly unifying and uplifting finale. There is a pleasure in watching this film go for broke, in what supposedly seemed at the time like the last film (why of course not), as this one is not complete trash like it wants to be (the rest of the sequels are, save Craven's New Nightmare), but certainly acts like it at times.

Though Englund's Freddy is having a hell of a time, it's the outstanding visual, practical and stop-motion effects, along with some incredible set pieces, that steal the show from him here. What a damn good time this would've been to see at the cinema in 1987.

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