Absolutely one of the most ingenious, intriguing, and beautifully crafted films I've ever watched. I can maybe see why some question the depth of the film as only the musings of a directors who was suffering from "writer's block" and turned that on it's head into it's own script... but when you look at the piece, it's because of this that we get something which is deeply personal, extremely meaningful, and something truly amazing that has never been seen before and has never been repeated since. It truly is one of the most unique films ever created! Mastroianni, who embodies the idea of Fellini, gives an amazing lead performance and captures the intricacies and details of what could be a very difficult role to pull off. Here, technically, it is the editing and most especially the top-of-the-line cinematography which give the film almost a dream-like feel to it, a haze that we are stuck in for 2 and half hours. 8 1/2 lived up up to its greatness and that's not something I can say too often.

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