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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    About twelve years ago I watched my mother very rapidly go from being partially blind, which she had been for almost sixty years, to being competely blind in the span of just a few months. Watching Riz Ahmed portray the grief of a loss of something that is so vital to our humanity brought me back to my mother's fits of crying and anger during that time of her vision loss. She could not accept that her own body and…

  • Parasite



    My body was ready. My soul was ready... My mind was not ready.

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  • Short Circuit

    Short Circuit


    I went thirty-five years without meeting Johnny 5 and that was thirty-five years too long.

    This is the best kind of escapist 80's comfort food for us big kids at heart even if Ally Sheedy was kinda at an eleven on the Hysterical Scale the entire running time.

  • Wish Dragon

    Wish Dragon


    You know what's hard to do: make a 5 yr old and 2 yr old (and a 35 yr old who loves animated films) bored. But this cheap looking, derivative one managed this feat quite well (though the Chinese representation is quite well done here). It's been three days since I watched this and I've already mostly forgotten it... save for recording it here of course.

    Sony Animation Sales to Netflix in 2021:

    The Highs: The Mitchells vs The Machines
    The Lows: Wish Dragon

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  • Loki


    The MCU + a Lynchian oddball vibe + Owen Wilson stealing every scene + master craftsmanship across the board = The Best MCU Series To Date

    This is easily the most exciting debut of the three MCU series so far, though I wasn't expecting to enjoy this nearly as much as Loki was just an enjoyable character for me but never someone I thought could or should be the focal point of a story.

    But, boy how wrong was I...…

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    "Let me just listen to my block."

    The single best thing for me was that I had never experienced In the Heights before in any capacity. I had nothing to compare it to with previous stage version and because of this, it exploded like carnivale fireworks from beginning to end, bursting with the kind of energy, pizazz, spectacle and choreographed beauty I was hoping for from it, the kind of lightning in a bottle work that finally made me believe…