Ultra Seven

Ultra Seven ★★★½

Finally watched all episodes. My opinion on this series is slightly controversial. I will talk about both pros and cons. After Ultraman, that had more childish and comedic tone than Ultra Q, Ultraseven is back to the serious themes overall. Miniatures are still not as good as in Ultra Q, but better than in Ultraman. But does the seriousness make this series good? Of course, it is good, but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece. At first I was thinking Ultraseven was pretty boring in comparison with other Ultra Series media I watched. However later, I started thinking some episodes are masterpieces. What I want to say is that most of episodes are just okay with several being perfect. Or maybe all episodes are great and it was just my mood? But I want to speak about two of the perfect episodes: The Largest Invasion in History (the ending). These two episodes are the most thrilling part of the series and made me cry a lot of times. Maybe it is the most realistic showing of hero's pain in the whole franchise. Overall, Ultraseven is not perfect, but episodes like these make it worth your time.