Could never be a film critic because I love everything. I know everyone tried their best.

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  • Pride & Prejudice
  • West Side Story
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  • Alien



    No point in rambling on about how this is horror perfection, but just everything about this! The production design, cinematography, score, acting, practical effects, etc. Crazy how terrifying the alien is in this, when it’s probably on screen for a combined 5 minutes.

  • Women Talking

    Women Talking


    Incredibly moving story supported by an amazing cast, who each has their moment to shine. The sensitive subject matter is handled tactfully by director Sarah Polley, showing just enough of the implied violence against these women without being gratuitous. The screenplay and dialogue is very well-written, allowing a thoughtful conversation to unfold and let us see insight into how each woman handles their reality differently. Should be an essential viewing for every person on this planet.

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  • Barbarian



    Yes please more batshit crazy bonkers horror like this! I love the deep dark horror with a moral message too, but sometimes you just want to turn your brain off for a couple hours and go along for the wild ride! This one will be divisive much like Malignant, which this has been compared to a lot, but regardless of which side you fall on, you’ve got to give kudos to a director who sticks to their guns and leans into the absurdity. With Malignant and now Barbarian, I can only hope more people are inspired to get their weird and wonderful ideas out there.

  • Babylon



    A bombastic, messy, over the top love letter to cinema and the legacies we leave behind. In its 3 hour run time, you’re whipped in a million different directions and sometimes you quite literally don’t know where to look, but through all of the chaos, it still manages to cut through and land some deeply emotional messages. The camera loves Diego Calva and Margot Robbie, and they give such stunning performances. It probably has my favorite score of the year…