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  • Georgetown



    “You can’t expect a magician to give away his tricks.”

    This is the second film I've seen in the theater in 2021 (not counting drive-ins). It was depressing to have only eight people in the theater, but also liberating when an elderly couple books seats too close to mine and I could just move. 7/1/18, I was supposed to see a preview screening in L.A., but it was canceled. In 2019, it made the festival rounds.

    As the opening credits…

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Those Who Wish Me Dead


    I checked it out on HBO Max so I could stay home and feed my cat (despite really wanting to go to the theater). Unfortunately, I feel I made the right choice, because as I sat on my bed watching it, I couldn't help but feel how disappointed I'd be if I had gone to the theater.

    The best part of the film is Angelina Jolie's hair. She plays a firefighter (!?) but it's always perfectly coiffed.

    Finn Little plays…

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