Kitty ★★★★½

I knew exactly what would happen from the beginning. The summary does it's job well.

The last thing I expected was to make a religious connection.

I had decided to take Intro to World Religions this semester to, of course, become better informed. It helped that there's also little variety at my college.

Religion has always been a slippery slope for me. I was baptized at One, but have only ever attended mass but 10 times in my life. There was a time when I was completely defiant of the fact there was even a God to begin with.

Maybe a change of heart arrived when I realized I wanted to study social sciences and knew I needed to push myself to look at religion from a new perspective to understand people I would one day hope to serve. Maybe I always believed deep down there was something more than human's will and action driving us forward. Maybe even when I didn't believe in a God, I believed in magic, energy or a force.

One moment in particular which I think really made me question my belief (or lack thereof) was at my Grandfather's funeral. At the end of the service, the pastor informed my family there was a tortoise which had been there listening the entire time, and didn't leave until the end. It even had allowed us to pet its back.

In my Religions class, I was surprised to hear that there were others with similar stories. People suddenly seeing yellow butterflies or pink dragonflies when they hadn't seen them before they lost a loved one. It's possible that I've also come across other stories in my lifetime but had blocked them out as means of propaganda.

I'm not sure if this is based off of a story, and if it more intended to be an illustration of child's imagination, but that's the beauty of art, to be intended at the will of it's audience. Just as maybe the universe's actions are to be intended at our will. Maybe those stories and unexplained events are just coincidences and we believe as we want to, as to make ourselves feel better.

Maybe Kitty's parents are lucky to have come across a kitty after the loss of their daughter.

Directed by Women: 7/52