• The Five-Year Engagement

    The Five-Year Engagement


    Alison Brie, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Pratt: Adorable.
    Emily Blunt, her cracked psychology studies, her wedding, and her husband: Disgusting.

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    The heroes rescue the internet from complete corporate control by winning a game created by some Jimmy Saville looking mf, so it is instead owned and run by a benevolent clan who then tell all the players to ‘touch grass’.

    I do think this is Great Reset propaganda because if they prepare you for weather sensitive shanty town huts, you’ll be grateful when you find yourself in a pod.

  • Rampage



    Easy way to stop Chicago being destroyed and 1000s of people dying: turn off the radio transmitter and move it into the middle of the desert. Then you can nuke the animals in peace.

  • Click



    What if our mobile phones were the fast forward remotes in our lives. And Jack Dorsey is the Angel of Death? Makes you think.

  • Red Joan

    Red Joan


    This anti-communist propaganda gets an extra half star because I’ve been to both the top of the tower in St. John’s college that the creepy commie jewish boy takes her and to Senate building which they slap a sign on to pretend it’s Montreal University. 

    Although she was a massive melt Joan knew the value of a multipolar world which today’s melts like her cringe son would do well to understand.

  • The Company You Keep

    The Company You Keep


    Dumb FBI agents ‘Cornelius’ and Anna Kendrick take on knobhead centrist journalist Shia LaBeouf and the loony—former anti-war activist, become professional managerial class—left, who are now divided between crank trotskyists and blackpilled post-leftists gaslighting each other.

  • Diana



    Diana with brown wig looks like Liz Bruenig. Something to think about.

  • The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter


    Absolute dudes rock film. Cristopher Walken lookin like a straight dime and Robert De Niro a total boss.

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    The Puerto Rican girls are, to use a line from the movie, “queer for Uncle Sam”, whereas the lads understand Class Society and the oppressive structures of White Supremacy. 

    The other lesson from the movie is that if your girl wouldn’t forgive you for killing her brother the day after you meet her, she ain’t the one.

  • Ronin



    Car chases do not get better than this.

  • Venom



    Writing so unbelievably lazy: 
    - No good journalist would turn up to an interview and make claims they couldn’t back up with evidence.
    - The head scientist suddenly developing a conscience like  she didn’t already know who she was working for.
    - Villain’s ‘I am basically God’ speech - although Elon Musk and Bill Gates might actually talk like that.
    - Dr Skirt walking Eddie openly around the labs even though she’s scared for her family, as if a company…

  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


    “This is a history report not a babe report”
    “But these babes are historical”

    Just an example of this film’s brilliant dialogue.