Fan of silent film, Hollywood Classics (ha ha), and post war Japanese cinema, I also like s**t posting, coffee and cigarettes.

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  • The Fisher King
  • The Life of Oharu
  • Repo Man
  • The Devil, Probably

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  • Desert Moon

  • So Evil My Love


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  • Desert Moon

    Desert Moon

    FYI has anyone else brought the French DVD of this which states "Version Anglaise sous-titree en Francais" to discover there is no version Anglaise but version japonaise only!

  • So Evil My Love

    So Evil My Love


    Ann Todd plays a sexually frustrated missionary widow, Ray Milland plays a small time thief/forger. They meet on a boat returning from Jamaica to London, then Milland turns up at her house as this is the perfect hideout for him, and then starts to seduce her.

    What happens is that his seduction at first seems to be manipulation and gas-lighting but she later seems to enjoy it. She knows that he is a corrupt and she then leans into this…

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  • Odds Against Tomorrow

    Odds Against Tomorrow


    Lazy Saturday morning noir viewing. Watching the French Blu Ray and its been eight or so years since I last caught this.

    Robert Wise, I know you butchered the end of Amberson and made the Sound of Music, but your still a fav of mine.

    Alright really enjoyable heist gone wrong noir, which really plays up the racial tension on both sides, between Robert Ryan and Harry Belafonte, which adds a huge a greater sense of believably for the proceedings/period.…

  • Panic in Year Zero!

    Panic in Year Zero!


    Another overdue revisit on Blu, this is a guilty pleasure of mine and I have also another Ray title, so Evil My Love in the pile for later as well.

    This weird hodge podge of dystopian end of the world drama, teen drive in Corman movie and family drama has been a massive guilty pleasure of mine. Ray was in his late 50s when this was made, and he was still so good. Ray Milland is possibly the last voice…