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This review may contain spoilers.

Toronto International Film Festival 2022

More like Women Talking in circles, am I right ladies?

I get why this film is resonating with people. But I could just not get behind it. I'm too impulsive of a person so just sitting there listening to these women talk about the same junk over and over again was truly my hell. I liked that they made the time period and setting of this vague because such things can happen to women anywhere and everywhere. I also liked whenever Sheila McCarthy's character talked about her horses, Ruth and Cheryl. But I don't think it offers any new or interesting perspectives on the subject matter. I also don't like how there doesn't feel like there's any tension or sense of urgency. This is a shame because I loved All My Puny Sorrows last year which was based on a different Miriam Toews novel. Anyway, happy for people this struck but to me, it was not good. Peace and love.

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