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I’m finally finding out the proper way to enjoy these little moving picture things…

Favorite films

  • The Apartment
  • When Harry Met Sally...
  • Creed
  • Ratatouille

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  • Thanksgiving


  • The Intouchables


  • Next Goal Wins


  • Castle in the Sky


Pinned reviews

  • Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


    Finally caught a showing and I did not expect it to be this unique. It’s a movie about life. More specifically our routines and the little unexpected moments that break them that really make life worth living. Great lead performance, great cinematography and amazing music choices. Could’ve been maybe 10-15 minutes shorter but hey what the hell! This man’s mundane life kept me entertained for 2 hours.

  • Monster



    Takes the Rashomon template and totally makes it its own… all three parts feel like different little movies loosely connected by events. It really shows that there are a bunch of different sides to every story. Well acted, good score, nice visuals, all very well done. The trombone scene tho>>>

Recent reviews

  • Thanksgiving



    Writing is mostly solid though it takes a few shortcuts that keep it from being one of the greats. Characters were fine, nothing to write home about. I think where Eli Roth really shines is with the kills he brings forth, as they’re more gruesome than your average slasher kills.

  • The Intouchables

    The Intouchables


    It’s a wonderful movie about life and the bonds we form with one another. The cast is so good, it’s hilarious and the music hits…

    I think I’m starting to find that my favourite genre is the sort of film that leaves me with a warm feeling and a new appreciation for life.

Popular reviews

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix Reloaded



    It was okay… I mean the action was great, the action scenes could be a bit overlong but they were very well choreographed; and the score was really good… but it’s just way too long and a lot of scenes feel kind’ve unnecessary. I did enjoy the added world-building, but it maybe felt too big, as in the first one it felt more contained and better overall, but this one is massive! Overall, while it’s miles behind the first one, it was still pretty good.

  • Ice Age

    Ice Age



    Wow this took me back… I recently asked out a girl that I’ve liked for a long time (it’s still pending) but when we were kids we loved these movies so decided to rewatch this one, and honestly, it holds up better than I could have ever imagined… it’s absolutely hilarious, one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen especially with the Dodo scene… but it’s also pretty heartfelt and personal. Other than that the score is great, the…