No Man of God

No Man of God ★★★

A very mixed experience for me as a lot was done right here like the psychological toll profiling serial offenders must take on a person and it certainly left me with a lot to think about but for the most part it felt like a condensed season of Mindhunter and the camera never stopped moving which grated on me for the entire runtime and in addition to the footage of sometimes related images, sometimes ones that were just seemingly thrown in for artistic value made for a kind of amateurish vibe at times.
Some insight into who FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier (Elijah Wood) was as a person would have been nice as well since he's only ever shown at work or interviewing Ted Bundy (an unsettling Luke Kirby) and the lack of depth or background made it hard to connect with Bill as a protagonist.
I also feel like a series of interviews with a notorious murderer should be full of tension but that feeling never materialized and the only time the way it was filmed worked for me was toward the end when Ted takes his "friend" Bill through his thought process as he stalked and murdered someone. It was incredibly chilling and one of the most unsettling scenes I've sat through in a while.
The years Bill spent interviewing Ted were skated over a lot, often just having a single session in the prison followed by a scene with Bill's boss and then it would be a year later and that sequence of events was on repeat for the first half until a last minute execution order by the governor gives Bill a ticking clock to try and get Ted to come clean and confess to his many murders so that the families of women who were potentially killed by Ted can have peace before he can no longer confirm his involvement.
If you like true crime, Mindhunter or a camera that refuses to stay in one place give this a watch. Worth it for Kirby's performance alone probably.

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