Murder, My Sweet

Murder, My Sweet ★★★

The second film I've seen based on "Farewell My Lovely" after the Robert Mitchum starring *checks notes* uh, Farewell My Lovely and my third Philip Marlowe feature including The Long Goodbye which this sadly can't help but be compared to both and found lacking despite coming first and it kind of suffers by default. Not to say Murder, My Sweet is bad, Dick Powell as Philip Marlowe does a pretty good job but Mitchum really nailed the world weary Marlowe and Elliott Gould's take is so different from both that it can't really be compared fairly. This version being constrained by the code also means it isn't nearly as seedy as Farewell was either so it just feels like a slightly paler version even though there were quite a few differences between the two plot wise so it didn't feel completely like a waste of time and was almost like a half remembered dream where it felt familiar but slightly off and kept me on my toes.
Worth a watch for it being the first big screen Marlowe and the strong supporting cast as well with Claire Trevor as Helen Grayle the femme fatal being a standout but if you haven't seen any versions watch this first as it's probably the one in third place as of now for me. Somehow I haven't seen Bogart's Marlowe yet despite it arguably being the most famous incarnation.
I'll have to watch that soon, my sweet.

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