Eyes of Laura Mars

Eyes of Laura Mars ★★

With Irvin Kershner the director of the best Star Wars film at the helm and a story by John Carpenter the director of the best horror/sci-fi film and a great cast of Faye Dunaway, a young Brad Dourif, a young but still somehow old looking Tommy Lee Jones, René Auberjonois and Raúl Juliá plus the premise of the titular Laura (Dunaway) having psychic visions of a murderer killing her acquaintances maybe my hopes were too high.
The clear influence of the worst aspects of giallo hinders the solid performances with the usual tropes of red herrings in the form of multiple possible killers, a nearly unwatchable middle portion that was incredibly dull, repetitive and unnecessary to the plot or story and felt like a waste of time, a bonkers final twist reveal of the killer that was both incredibly obvious and yet made no sense if you think about it.
Why did they kill all these people around Laura if she's the one they wanted dead and had multiple opportunities to kill her but decided to wait until the end?
How and why Laura could see the killings from the perspective of the killer is never explained or delved into either and was just sort of treated in a matter of fact glossed over way.
This could have been so much better as Laura being a provocative photographer of murder tableaux and naked women makes her an interesting figure and lightning rod for controversy with Dunaway more than having the chops to pull off such a complex character but is constantly hindered by the half baked script.
The opening was also oddly hypnotic but unfortunately set up a good film that never came to fruition.
My eyes were not very impressed.

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