The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

"You're not an arsehole, Mark. You're just trying so hard to be"

We currently live in a world where relationships aren't considered real until your relationship status has been changed on Facebook. A world where seemingly anyone can have their 15 minutes of fame thanks to YouTube channels that bring attention to people's bullshit and where Sherlock rules Tumblr and thus essentially the entire internet. Having come out on the 6 year anniversary of Facebook, a site that is fast approaching its teenage years, or as I like to call it "IT'S NOT A PHASE MUM" years, The Social Network is arguably more relevant as it was 6 years ago.

To me, you can tell how talented a director is through how they handle biopics. Directors who generally stick to being conventional are generally directors who aren't that good at their job and, if they do make a good film, it is generally down to it having a good script or coasting by on the personality of the cast. Tom Hooper and The King's Speech, a film which also beat The Social Network to its more than deserved Best Picture Oscar, is one such example. Hooper's bog-standard approach to the material clearly indicates his lack of skill as a director. However, with The Social Network, Fincher infuses a commentary on our reliance on technology and how we want everything to be as convenient as possible.

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