The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

An Iconic film from Charlie Chaplin, The Kid is among his greatest efforts as it is a film that boasts a great story, and effective performances from its leads. the Kid is a very funny film and it is a significant effort from Chaplin as he tried his hand at directing features and succeeded greatly. The Kid is a fine comedy that you should watch if you want to see one of Charlie Chaplin's finest efforts. The Kid is a simple story, but the way Chaplin undertakes it, he works its idea to the fullest of its possibilities and the result is a fun, entertaining comedy that is Chaplin’s finest effort. The story is simple, but it’s how Chaplin and his co star manage to have great chemistry in delivering the laughs that keeps you interested and in turn The Kid is an accomplished silent film that is among the best of the era. What makes Charlie Chaplin’s comedy great is that he goes go the simplest way of trying to make you, which is slapstick comedy; he really knew how to accomplish it effortlessly, and he became an icon in the process. The Kid is essential Chaplin and it is a fine film that if you’re curious about the man’s work, you definitely should check out. The film has a good story and great comedy from its two lead actors. The film is entertaining from start to finish and it is a fine film that you definitely shouldn't pass up.