The Grizzlies

The Grizzlies ★★★½

Very good drama that focuses on a small Canadian Northern community where there's a spike in teenage suicides, so a teacher tries to get the teens into sports and start a Lacrosse team. A film that is poignant and uplifting at the same time, The Grizzlies is a very well acted drama that has a very good plot. The performances are compelling to watch and there is a surprising performance from Will Sasso, who is famed for starring on MadTv. A compelling, poignant film, The Grizzlies is a movie that stays with you long after you've seen it. The tone and style of the film makes it a more powerful drama that is one of those movies that if you happen to see it, you're definitely in for something quite special and unique.

The Grizzlies is a terrific drama that is well worth the price of admission. Very well acted and with a powerful story, this is a film that stands out in the genre. It is a movie that deserves to be seen by a much broader audience. It has flaws, but for the most part, it tells a very good and important story on how a teacher tried to do something to prevent the epidemic in teen suicides in Nunavut. It is a film that is quite powerful in its story and is a movie that I very much recommend. This is what a great drama should be, relying on a good story and performances, the film is a movie that might have gone under the radar, but if you come across it on TV, certainly give it a viewing.

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