Ma ★★★

Surprisingly effective and well made psychological horror yarn, Ma features a terrific lead performance from actress Octavia Spencer. Well crafted and tense throughout, the film is a real treat to watch and quite disturbing and very thrilling. Simple, yet entertaining due to its solid lead performance, which is memorable. Ma builds up the horror, suspense and thrills steadily as the film unwinds to ratchet up the tension you feel watching it. The film is underrated and is a film that has received a mixed reception, but is worth seeing, especially if you enjoy these types of horror movies.Ma is well crafted and delivers some solid tension tension. The Script is well written and the material is enhanced by Spencer's disturbing acting.

The film is well paced and by keeping the horror stripped down its core, the filmmakers managed to make a solid, memorable and thrilling Psychological horror feature.Ma is a far better film than expected and is one of the year's most overlooked, underrated films. It's not a great film, but it certainly is good and offers some solid, terrifying moments that make the film what it is. I feel that Ma is although not a great film, is certainly a good feature and one of the year's better horror films. He film won't be a classic anytime soon, but it is nonetheless a good time waster for fans of the genre.

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