Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes

Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes ★★★★

Divide and Conquer is a very informative documentary on Roger Ailes who was the head of Fox New and was accused of multiple cases of sexual harassment by women who worked at the network. A very well researched documentary and featuring very in depth interviews with those who knew Roger as well as those who worked with him and for him, Divide and Conquer is a well crafted documentary that I very much enjoyed and thought it was among the more interesting genre films that has been released recently. Divide and Conquer is an in depth look at Ailes, his rise to the the top right up to his fall from grace due to his sexual misconduct at Fox News. My personal thoughts on Roger Ailes is that he was an awful person, a total scumbag and both sides of the man are explored with this documentary.

A very well constructed, interesting documentary feature that is a must see for those interested in the man behind Fox News. Divide and Conquer covers everything that you would want to know about this mogul from his childhood to how his scandals brought him down. This is a riveting, enthralling and captivating documentary movie that you shouldn't miss. It's an interesting film in the genre, and one that is really the type of film that tackles an important figure in the media. Ailes may be a scumbag, but he ushered in a new type of news, which shaped the newscape forever. Divide and Conquer is a well thought out documentary film that tackles this subject very well. If you're interested in such a subject, this is a film to watch.