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  • Band of Brothers
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  • RoboCop
  • The Big Lebowski

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  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    Being the Son of a retired Air Force Navigator, approaching the long awaited Top Gun sequel is somewhat interesting for me, and more so because Iโ€™m an Air Force, military brat. Iโ€™ve lived for many years on Air Force bases, and grew up around planes. After watching the original film with my dad countless times, and him spotting every inaccurate detail in the film, I was very skeptical about seeing this one, as the original film is decent at bestโ€ฆ

  • All Quiet on the Western Front

    All Quiet on the Western Front


    All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the greatest anti war books ever written which was written by German Erich Maria Remarque based on his experience serving in the First World War. The book proved to be an incredible success, and is a masterpiece of literature. The book was deemed controversial by the Nazi Regime of Adolph Hitler and copies were burnt in the early 30โ€™s. The book was adapted into the 1930 film of the same name,โ€ฆ

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  • TรR



    A slow paced drama, but one featuring a great performance from Cate Blanchette, who is terrific in the part she plays, but to say Tar is a masterwork of cinema as so many critics have said it is is far fetched to say the least. I do agree it's among the year's best films, as it has a very well written script and a good story with good acting as well as direction, but I wasn't wowed by the film.

  • The Battle of Normandy: 85 Days in Hell

    The Battle of Normandy: 85 Days in Hell


    A short but very interesting documentary film on the Battle of Normandy, which was the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany

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  • Antichrist



    Lars Von Trier is a unique filmmaker that has a style that I would describe as eccentric, haunting, yet somewhat beautiful. With Antichrist he crafts a film that is horrifying and unforgettable. The cast here is impeccable and Trierโ€™s choices are terrific. Willem Dafoe and actress Charlotte Gainsberg deliver great performances here, and the story itself takes its time to unfold, with steady pacing, which is key in telling an effective story. Antichrist may not be a film for everyone,โ€ฆ

  • The Expendables 3

    The Expendables 3


    This is a bland, poorly constructed film considering its star power. The Expendables 3 lacks anything remotely good about it, and relies on the same old formula in order to create its thrills. The film didnโ€™t grab my attention like the previous two, and to be honest, I thought it was a waste of time. The film really could have been something great, considering some of the action stars attached to the project, but in the long run, itโ€™s justโ€ฆ