Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade ★★★★★

Wow another relatable movie this made me relive my middle school days because it has been so long since I thought about my past. It does a fantastic job of someone who is quiet with insecurities that wants to be out there. When she was doing her YouTube I can relate cause I'm doing youtube now (make sure you subscribe), and her relationship with the father at the beginning. Like I said with LadyBird really spoke to me but this movie gave me some stuff that I still do to this day.

Like I don't know why I act a certain type of why to my parents like I'm still in high school I guess It always stuck to me. With Kayla and her father relationship is something that I go through sometimes, like when it comes to my hair I groom I take a good look in the mirror and I'm done. But my dad always tells me to do it right and I maybe me going too deep into this but I feel like I can talk about it. Parents will be parents and they want the best for you even when you try and shut them out, and I guess when it comes to grooming or anything they care.

Middle school they hit every beat cause I grew up at a christian school sometimes we talk about this. We did our shadows and talk about and goals and our fears about highschool. And when you see Elsie Fisher character Kayla this so true and she gave a great performance. This is pretty much I walk down memory lane movie and there was one scene I got scared I was shooketh when that happened. But there is so much heart and soul especially the daughter and father bond that the dad gives. This is all about the next step that you take in life and you just need to have confidence and style.