Roma ★★★

“hello, fellow filmmakers and film lovers. thank you for being here at the special screening of roma. as you already know, your country and my country mexico share a unique bond. our histories are like twins that mirror each other’s colonial past. we share a collective experience as well as a multitude of stories that encompass oppression, resistance, and indepence. to this day, true stories of oppression persist, but as long as they do, so will the narratives of resistance, and of humanity, courage, and our unwavering love for our freedoms. this i believe we also share, not just in the past, but in the present, and for always. let’s always go against tyranny.”

— alfonso cuarón’s personal message to the director’s guild of the philippines and the rest of the audience on the philippine special screening of roma (which i didn’t attend, but i still cried over his message so,)

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