The Red Lanterns

The Red Lanterns ★★★★

The Red Lanterns is a Greek film that I really wanted to see for a while and I hadn't. In that list there are quite a few more, old or new, including some classics that I am kinda ashamed for having not seen.

Even if at first I was unsure about the film and some dialogue felt a bit too cheesy, after the set up the movie was really great. I liked how there were manu different story lines and every single one was interesting and I cared for all.

It was kinda ahead of its time and it is ball-sy both for an old film and for a Greek one. It is directed really well and at points it felt like an american film noir and not like your typical Greek movie which also surprised me. It is acted tremendously with some huge names (for Greece as always) and they all do a fantastic work. If I had to pin point one more than the others it would be Ηronopoulou, but again everyone was tremendous. I really do recommend this. It is a really clever movie with a lot of heart!


Παρόλο που είναι κάπως αργό στη αρχή, καθώς συνεχίζει νοιάζεσαι για όλες τις ιστορίες και στο τέλος έχεις μια ταινία με πολύ καρδιά!

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