Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★

Great CGI, Big Monster(s), tiny characters.

But, in a movie like this you need important characters? Characters with depth? Well, yeah. For instanse, the whole movie is a bit like the MCU. From its more happy tone, to the soundtract, to the three actors that are in the MCU. But what we love in the MCU is its characters. They HAVE depth. In this movie there were a couple of scenes in which there is a small character development and some kind of conflict between characters, but mainly it focuses in Kong.

And when Kong hits he HITS. The CG for King Kong is stunning and the action is filmed preety well. No shaky cam and no multiple cuts. But the characters and the dialogue doesn't keep you concentrated in the movie. And in the scenes without any monster you are preety bored.

Last, I loved what they did with Skull Island. I don't actually really know Kong's Mythology (only from the movies), but the "stuff" in the island where very fresh. For me at least.

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