Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Knives Out does to who-done-it films what The Irishman did this year to mob films. It brings them back up, using some old tropes,but breathing a ton of new air into the genre. I mean damn Rian Johnson is one of the finest film makers out there and I have been saying that since I watched Brick.

Alright just to get all this out of the way, technically Rian Johnson as a director does wonders here. I mean the camera work and the movements and all that. They way he uses slo-mo and everything is just brilliant. The colors are beautiful and the costumes are just fantastic.

Also the acting is tremendous. I mean it has a huge cast and they all give amazing performances, with my favorites being by Jame Lee Curtis, Chris Evans and of course Daniel Craig who slowly goes from one of the guys I couldn't stand to one of my favorite actors. I mean he is perfect in this role. The way he movies, he talks, everything and his accent is so damn great!

Now the story is amazing and it is perfectly split in three acts. The first and the third are amazing with perfect dialogue and the mystery constantly having you wondering so many things and you not knowing what to believe. Just like a great who-done-it, it is contantly giving you more and more info and it just doesn't leave you not knowing what to believe, but it does it in a really new, fresh, original way that I can't talk about because of spoilers, but it is fantastic.

Also the ending is perfect, with the final shot being one of the best and most to the point of the year. Now as for negatives, I just felt that in the second act it got a little off trace, even though I feel that upon rewatch I will get more why it went the way it did, because of how it all concludes.


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